Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seeking Shallow Advice about Short Hair

In the next couple weeks, I am making a "drastic" change. It's not very serious, but I'm freaking out a bit. See, I'm cutting off most of my hair, down to something that might be called "boy short". (Is there a technical term? I don't know!)

Currently, my hair hangs a foot past my earlobes - when I let it hang. It's rather curly and very thick, so my typical hair routine involved a ponytail for running, and a twisted bun for everyday life. I very occasionally comb it.

Maybe my laziness stems from the fact that as a kid, I had perfectly straight blond hair, no fuss to take care of. It grew more brown as I got older, and then in grade 5 it turned into a bush. Puberty apparently decided I ought to have my paternal aunt's hair instead of my mom's. *shakes head*

<- me at about 10 (the blur is my little sister)

I was definitely pissed when my hair changed, but I've had plenty of time now to get used to it and to figure out what works (ponytails, bobby pins and for the love of god never take a normal brush to it when dry).

Now, taking care of my hair is EASY and I LIKE my hair. I'm not interested in a new hairstyle that requires work or effort, because I have zero to spare in the morning.

That's what it comes down to: while I'm very excited for this new-and-possibly-amazing thing, I'm worried I'll be unhappy with it, that it will be a hassle, or that it will just plain bug me. (And then I'll be stuck with it as it grows out).

But it's been on my imaginary bucket list for a while to try short hair, and it's something I want to try sooner rather than later in case I love it. If not now - while I'm 19 and in school - then when?

So I ask: Have you done this before? Do you have suggestions for EASY to care for short hairstyles? Or tips for how not to freak out if this ends badly?

I'll check back in after the cut is done and we can celebrate/commiserate together.

P.S. The foot or so of hair that I cut off in a ponytail will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I've cut off 8 inches before with intent to donate, but this time it's just a nice side effect.

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  1. Short hair grows back. Always. Plus, there are wigs if you get really self conscious. In fun colors too! Purple hair is trey collage chic.