Posting Schedule

I said way back in my first post that I'd be putting up something new every Monday, and for the most part this is what I've done.

However, going forward (Summer 2012) I'm going to try and post twice a week. The first post will go up Monday or Tuesday (or Wednesday on a busy week), and be something like most everything else up to this point - a opinion piece, an informative article or some such thing. The second post, going up later in the week (Thurs-Sat) will be my own work - poetry, a story excerpt, some of my latest NaNoWriMo progress etc...

Come fall, I will be starting university, so I might scale it back to once a week, and alternate general post with my own work. We will see how the summer goes and then how well I survive the fall!

As always, let me know what you think with a comment, or find me on twitter @Amethystars.

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